The French company, D'Arbre en Arbre Concept, has been specializing in the study, sale and development of recreational structures and more specifically of outdoor recreational activities since 1999. Some of these structures and activities include:

2 High wire adventure course
2 Suspension bridges
2 Tree houses
2 Kid Adventure
2 Recreational area development
2 Tyrospeed and Zip lines course

D`Arbre en Arbre Concept developed Canada's first acrobatic aerial park in 2002. A new company, D`Arbre en Arbre Canada Inc., was then created to develop a network of D`Arbre en Arbre franchises and distribute the various products throughout North America.

More than 50 Feasability technical studies have been conducted and 35 projects developed so far.

D`Arbre en Arbre Concept will provide you with its expertise and help you complete your project.


D'Arbre en Arbre Concept - France