Areas of Expertise

D'Arbre en Arbre Concept suggests acting as a consultant during your project's design phase Advice- Studies

Board study

Preliminary study and advice

- Define the project outline
- Compile the data and information regarding the site given by the main contractor: topographic map, sitemap, zoning and characteristics of the land, trees, frontage road, existing networks (water, electricity, telephone...)
- Conduct an initial survey of the site
- Evaluate the site's potential
- Analyse the facts regarding the land, trees, cliffs, etc… or structure for indoor projects
- Evaluate the constraints
- Evaluate the complementary works to be planned in relation to the site's specific character
- Review the administrative approaches
- Determine the project's feasibility on the selected site
- Estimate project costsEstimate project costs

For public and private projects, a market study is strongly suggested to evaluate the project's profitability in a given territory, especially for high wire adventure courses, suspension bridges, zip lines course, Tyrospeed and Treehouses resort.

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