Zip lines course

Users glide along a cable using a pulley. A giant zip line traverse or a series of long zip lines traverses.
Allows users to cross small valleys, rivers, lakes… and provides unforgettable feelings.
These zip lines traverses measure up to 300 metres long and can be suspended from trees, rock walls or artificial supports. Zip lines traverses mesuring more than 350 metres long are suspended from artificial structures.


Users glide along a cable at high speed.
Allows users to cross gaps measuring 100 metres to more than 1,000 metres long.
Users can travel at a speed of 50-70 km/h and remain in a sitting position in one harness with both hands on the “handlebars” throughout the descent.
A counterweight braking system and a pulley with “handlebars” designed specifically for this activity by our Engineering Department.
Solutions adapted to enhance your site and make into a must-see attraction in your area.

Equipment needed to complete the activity :
One harness
Two lanyards
Three carabiners
One pulley with a strap (Tyrolean traverse and Tyrolean traverse courses)
One pulley with “handlebars” (Tyrospeed)

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