High wire adventure course

The high wire adventure course is a new recreational activity linking several games including ladders, zip lines, bridges, Tarzan`s jump, logs, swings, surf…on trees, artificial structures and rocks.
Increasingly difficult courses are laid out in such a way as to allow all participants, regardless of their skill level, to travel the various courses safely and at their own speed.
Easy-to-follow signs help participants progress through the course with ease.
D'ARBRE en ARBRE® adapts to the specific character of the land and enhances the area used. Each circuit is unique.
Since 2003, the French standard AFNOR XP S52-902-1 regulates the construction of acrobatic treetop courses and standard XP S52-902-2 the operations.
European standard EN 15567-1 has been in effect since 2008.

Equipment needed to complete the activity:
One harness
Two lanyards
One strap
Three carabiners
One pulley

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